Photographer, artist, and visual activist for women’s rights.


An exponent of contemporary photography, her works are rooted in personal experience, which Simona Ghizzoni reformulates and interprets through photography and videos. Known for her award-winning autobiographical work, Odd Days, and for the series of self-portraits titled Aftermath-Rayuela, Simona has been working on projects that explore the individual’s relationship with the world of today for more than ten years, with a particular interest in women’s and environmental issues. Photography involves the desire to listen and share knowledge, a propensity for dialogue that sparked an instant and mutual affinity between Simona and Rhea.

Simona Ghizzoni and the value of listening for coffee time

Simona Ghizzoni gives her interpretation of a crisis: a moment that drives change, with renewed consideration for others and a new way of thinking about time. Time that becomes essential, a profoundly conscious choice to make time for listen and having a chat, even at work.

Alberto Sanna and Simona Ghizzoni on the emotional value of images

Today we’re constantly bombarded with images. How can we protect ourselves? Alberto Sanna, Director of the San Raffaele Center for Advanced Technology in Health and Well-Being, and Simona Ghizzoni promote a new, more experiential focus on image. Because reading doesn't just mean looking.

Alberto Sanna and Simona Ghizzoni and the Engineering Awareness

Finding the right balance between science, technology, and art to live a mindful visual experience. Thus, automatic machines for daily use, such as coffee machines or photo booths, become a social instrument, potentially able to influence our choices and therefore have an impact on health, the environment and society.

Nana Holthaus-Vehse and Simona Ghizzoni on mindful coffee drinking

We are invited to a journey through culture and sustainability, guided by two women with a special outlook on mindfulness. Their conscious look leads us to remote and less remote countries where daily life can naturally educate in the importance of acting sustainably, also when drinking a coffee. Because quality coffee is much more than just taste.

Simona Ghizzoni and Tommaso Arrigoni on how everything can become edible

Tradition and innovation in the kitchen, between the post-Covid reboot and new sustainability. Simona Ghizzoni meets Tommaso Arrigoni, a chef who sees technology as a mission. From sous vide cooking to flash freezing, getting the most out of the ingredients, without any waste. Rhea has made his dream of selling and distributing quality food in vending machines come true.

Simona Ghizzoni and Chiara Bergonzi and conscious coffee drinking

Italy – Orient: a journey into the world of coffee, from passion to profession for Chiara Bergonzi, the world champion of Latte Art. Knowledge of the raw materials and coffee culture are a guarantee of success, even in a society that tends to prefer male stars.

Simona Ghizzoni and Chiara Bergonzi: the social side of sustainable coffee

The professional world is discovering what's in our cup. So many places and origins for a truly sustainable choice made in full awareness.

Simona Ghizzoni and Paolo Barichella and the new idea of socialising

Paolo Barichella, renowned international food designer, ventures into worlds that were unapproachable until recently with regard to the 'star' system. People used to talk about science in the kitchen; for Paolo Barichella, design is essential for giving form to food, with a strong focus on the person. Design rethinks processes, and thanks to innovations in vending, the social aspect can also be preserved by sharing the finishing of the dish.

Simona Ghizzoni and Paolo Barichella: innovation acceleration

Innovation in design is not only the search for new materials, but also the involvement of start-ups in co-creation areas for truly open innovation. Technology must be within everyone's reach in order to achieve a collective benefit. Paolo Barichella works with Rhea on behalf of the individual, by humanizing our machines and piloting fearless innovation.