Chef star, one of the greatest interpreters of contemporary gastronomy.


Chef patron of legendary restaurant, now leading QB at Mercato Centrale in Turin, Davide Scabin is one of the world’s most admired Italian chefs for his creativity and innovative experimentation, combiings tradition and science in his cooking. His dishes break with convention, such as the Cyber Egg, a diaphanous air chamber that bursts in your mouth in an explosion of caviar, egg yolk, vodka and shallots. He was the first chef to make Space Food for NASA astronauts, including space lasagne. Davide Scabin and Rhea share a love of experimentation and the continuous search for new recipes, in cooking as in coffee. Because, as David says, flavor has no boundaries.

Davide Scabin in search of the emotion of coffee

“The future is what we have forgotten. Tradition is the most modern thing I know.” Coffee, the common thread of our journey with so many exceptional people, for an emotion that combines tradition and personalization. For free thinkers only.

Rhea Think Together: from a meeting to a dialogue for a greater awareness of the heritage of tomorrow

The three thinkers Davide Livermore, Simona Ghizzoni and Davide Scabin meet again, after thirteen guests and thirty-three video pills, to reflect on the themes that emerged during the dialogues with the professionals met in Rhea Think Together.

The contamination of people and ideas leading to new and unexpected projects

We aim to continue to gain experience through dialogue and knowledge shared with the personalities met in Rhea's digital lounge and discover the coherence of values within such different realities and experiences.

The Rhea machines we didn't expect: Kairos and Monolite

The limited editions were created together with the thinkers to communicate the value of time, environmental and social sustainability, innovation and tradition; themes that were the core of the dialogues with the Rhea Think Together guests and that lead us on a journey of awareness and amazement during our coffee break.

From thinker to maker. From thought to action. The new beginning of Rhea Think Together

The evolution of Rhea's digital lounge explained by its three protagonists. These meetings will move from thought through action to generate impact and relate issues and responsibilities. Because a good idea is one that can be realised.

Davide Scabin and a custom dessert, made with coffee

Can we really replicate at home the recipe of a coffee-based mousse by Davide Scabin? Multi-awarded chef breaks the ice talking about taste, manual skill and automation together with Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea, and Claudio Valdetara, Marketing Director of Rhea.

Davide Scabin. From business to the product, the respect of automation for humans and the environment

From the quality guarantee of the product, to the concept of sustainability and value of time. Automatic machines offer a series of advantages, such as precision and customization. Davide Scabin gives his opinion on the future of automation, which is oriented to an intense, and mindful taste experience.

Davide Scabin and Andrea Pozzolini. The future of coffee shops and cooking automation

Andrea Pozzolini, CEO of Rhea, and chef Davide Scabin analyze the trend of automation in restaurants, a new valuable resource boosted by the pandemic. Davide Scabin would welcome a hybrid crew in his kitchen, made of men and machines, where moving from manual to an automatic mode may guarantee quality while aiming at an increasingly ethical community.

Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin and the man/machine relationship

Two great masters, Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin, invited by Rhea to think about the future between tradition and contemporaneity. The importance of the present moment in the true quest for the time to enjoy coffee, which is so very Italian, where the machine becomes the projection of what we desire.

Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin talk about coffee time

Everything that is already in the future with the heritage of the present, in the words of Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin. Experience and emotions at the table, in a deep relationship with the unconscious. Even an industrial machine for a timeless product such as coffee has its own time for experience and extraction, intimately involving the senses.

Davide Scabin and Andrea Lattuada: made in Italy coffee is the fashion trend in China

The story of coffee trainer Andrea Lattuada, who conquered the Chinese market by creating a demand for espresso. In Italy, we always think we know everything about a 'national' product like coffee or pasta, then we interpret it. In China, people get information, learn it and apply it: today you can find every segment of the espresso market, from specialty shops to large chains, where acidity is preferred.

Davide Scabin and Andrea Lattuada and biometric recognition in the Chinese market

Andrea Lattuada reveals what a machine should do to break into the Chinese market: meet strict quality standards and focus heavily on training store managers. In a China increasingly in love with Made in Italy.