Director and singer


An ardent supporter of public theatre and aware of the importance of the social promotion of culture, Davide Livermore has worn every hat in the theatrical profession: in addition to being a director and singer, he is an actor, teacher, choreographer, scenographer, costume designer and lighting director. During his career, he has trodden the boards of some of the world’s biggest venues, from Philadelphia to Tokyo to manager of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia. He opened the last two seasons at La Scala in Milan, with Attila in 2018 and Tosca in 2019. A student and great friend of Carlo Doglioni Majer, Davide Livermore has a strong bond of affection with Rhea, where he recognizes the same passion and commitment to ‘perform’ that one finds in a theatre company. He is currently the Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Genoa.

Davide Livermore and Carlo Majer's sense of tomorrow

Davide Livermore and the story of a journey of culture and enterprise, where the future is imagined as an extension of the memory of Carlo Majer. A journey undertaken with people who have different experiences and a genuinely profound relationship with history, where tradition is not a museum but living memory, and therefore identity.

Luca Bizzarri and Davide Livermore in a quick repartee around culture, theatre and coffee

Luca Bizzarri, an actor and TV host among the most loved by the Italian audience, encourages us to reflect on the meaning of culture in everyday life. An essential value or accessory element? Various points come from autobiographical episodes, from the early years of study at the Conservatory, to the theatre, to “Camera Café”.

Leonardo Padura Fuentes and Davide Livermore. PART 1 - Coffee in the Cuban tradition and culture

When a master of storytelling such as Havana writer Leonardo Padura tells us the story of coffee in Cuba, all we have to do is make a cup of coffee and keep listening.

Leonardo Padura Fuentes and Davide Livermore. PART 2 - The social role of coffee

Tell me how you drink your coffee and I'll tell you where you come from. A collection of fascinating, romantic and realistic thoughts about the cultural relations between Cuba and Italy, with interesting similarities in literature and music.

Leonardo Padura Fuentes and Davide Livermore. PART 3 - The sense of time

Coffee is a ritual, meaning social relationships and culture. But coffee is also music, with its natural rhythm marking our social interactions and personal time. Enjoying a cup of coffee, as well as listening to opera or reading a book, means treating ourselves to time, silence and words, which let us know better ourselves and the others.

Alessandro Giglio. Considerations on the Made in Italy with Davide Livermore

Beautifully set in the National Theater of Genoa, of which he is President, Alessandro Giglio tells his own story to Davide Livermore, explaining how he could design new communication processes and business models that have spread the value of the Made in Italy worldwide. Especially in China.

Alessandro Giglio and Davide Livermore on the importance of storytelling in the customer experience

Communicating the quality and value of products is the real challenge of online sales. With e-commerce 4.0 the customer experience can be finally enhanced thanks to product storytelling. In this way, the communication of quality becomes the core of digital marketing.

Alvaro de Laguno Gorría and Davide Livermore: the social and productive role of the coffee break

Action and no action are not always on the opposite sides. Starting from this consideration Alvaro de Laguno Gorría, director of Hostelvending, reflects with Davide Livermore on how the coffee break may be full of action. <br>This is a moment filled with thoughts, shared ideas and pleasure. But is it the same for those who work from home? And a cup of coffee turns into a meaningful social experience.

Alvaro de Laguno Gorría and Davide Livermore on automation and new quality standards for hospitality

The conversation between Alvaro de Laguno Gorría and Davide Livermore explores how automated technologies revolutionize the relationship between the guest and the context in the hotel world. <br>A virtuous model where the customer is able to interact with the environment in a more intimate way and use the services with a personalized approach.

Carlo Ratti and Davide Livermore. PART 1 - The role of humans in defining space and time

An open dialogue between Davide Livermore and Carlo Ratti, architect and engineer and one of the foremost exponents of contemporary urban planning.<br>Which ideals and values does architecture aim to shape? How has urban planning evolved and what is the role of human beings in the design process?<br>This discussion invites us to rethink and redefine the community, starting from the space that most embodies it: the city.

Carlo Ratti and Davide Livermore. PART 2 - Utopias and places of the future. Smart Cities, Big Data and connected technology

Davide Livermore and Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT’s SENSEable City Lab in Boston, analyze digital space and highlight how a mindful use of technology may help improve our lives.<br>Virtual space is flexible by definition and somehow more sustainable, just to make an example.<br>Imagine, though, taking a coffee break on a video conference at our own PC. Would our senses keep their original function in the digital space? Lots of tests have been made in various circumstances, but maybe technology is not enough.

Carlo Ratti and Davide Livermore. PART 3 - Giving time a value in physical and virtual communities

Humans define both physical and virtual space and time is co-creator in this process. Davide Livermore opens this dialogue by recounting his experience in designing Kairos, Rhea’s 60th anniversary machine. Carlo Ratti reflects on the role of time in architecture, where static forms can turn to dynamic concepts thanks to the interaction with new technologies.<br>The key theme is the importance of the quality of time, especially in the places we spend the most time, such as offices.

Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin and the man/machine relationship

Two great masters, Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin, invited by Rhea to think about the future between tradition and contemporaneity. The importance of the present moment in the true quest for the time to enjoy coffee, which is so very Italian, where the machine becomes the projection of what we desire.

Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin talk about coffee time

Everything that is already in the future with the heritage of the present, in the words of Davide Livermore and Davide Scabin. Experience and emotions at the table, in a deep relationship with the unconscious. Even an industrial machine for a timeless product such as coffee has its own time for experience and extraction, intimately involving the senses.